[This article belongs to Volume - 23, Issue - 11]

Is the traditional Chinese and western medicine truly integrated organically?— A systematic review based on clinical practice

The transformation and implementation of clinical practice guidelines for integrated traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Western medicine (WM) is crucial to the adoption of medical science and technological findings and is an important way for TCM to be made available to the world. First, clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) of TCM and WM integration in recent years was analyzed to clarify the current situation and problems in the existing guidelines according to the following four perspectives: (1) perspective of TCM and WM integration in guidelines, (2) diagnosis Using integrated TCM and WM, (3) integration of TCM and WM treatment, (4) promoting TCM and WM integration. Secondly, the information and quality evaluation of CPGs for integrated Chinese and Western medicine in 2020-2022 were analyzed to explore the degree and methods of integration of Chinese and Western medicine guidelines. And last this study aimed to lay a foundation for the further establishment of Chinese characteristic, repeatable, and calculable clinical practice guidelines of TCM and WM integration.