[This article belongs to Volume - 64, Issue - 02]

Numerical simulation optimization of injection parameters by viscosity reducer flooding in Gaoqing heavy oil reservoir

The numerical simulation method was used to evaluate the application effect of viscosity reducer flooding in Gaoqing oil reservoir. Based on the indoor viscosity reducer evaluation test results, a numerical simulation model of viscosity reducer flooding was established, and the viscosity reducer injection parameters were determined based on the oil increase per ton of agent. Optimization. The results show that when the viscosity reducer mass concentration is 3000 mg/L, the injection rate is 200 m3/d, and a total of 0.2 VP (pore volume) of viscosity reducer is injected, the oil increase per ton of agent is the highest; compared with water flooding , increasing crude oil production by 4.4×104 t and increasing oil recovery by 3.66%.